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Sentences From My Playlist

And I can’t stand to wait your love is coming to my life

Sejenak menyadari apa isi di hati

And it’s just like honey when your love come over me

Rajut mimpi-mimpi indah

Hey, alles is goed en niemand blijft alleen!

Marilah kasih, berikan hatimu dan ulurkan cinta

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain

The wind would whisper and I think of you

Don’t love me for fun, let me the one

Oh, it’s getting hot in here

Must be something in the atmosphere

Semua mati dan menghilang

Terlalu pagi temukan arti

And I could list a million thing I love to like about you

But they all come down to one reason,

I could never live without you

Jika semua layak punah

Why won’t you answer me?

The silence is slowly killing me

I don’t want to wonder whether you love me


About sakinakinoy

A student. A real Aquarian. An androgyny. A part-time language tutor. A dreamer.

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