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What Music Says

What can I say to make you see? – Until The Time Is Through (5ive)

But to you I give my attention, right from the start. – The Weakness In Me (Joan Armatrading)

Deep in my heart, that’s where you shine. – Just Because I Love You (Lina Santiago)

Love is written in my face everytime you near me. – If You Were Mine (Bed & Breakfast)

And all I can do is hope that you feel the same. – Forever (C & C Music Factory)

I don’t wanna run beneath your tears. – Don’t Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight (Binocular)

Kutahu semua rinduku punya arti satu. Kuingin miliki dirimu. – satu Mimpiku (The Groove)

Oh dear, it’s been hardly a moment and you are already missed. – Oh, It Is Love (Hellogoodbye)

Your opinion, what is that? It’s just a different point of view. – Your Winter (Sister Hazel)

I can’t get you out of my head. You’re everywhere and everyone. – Calling The World (Rooney)

I want someone to love me for who I am. I want someone to need me, is that so bad? – Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administrator)

What did you mean when you said no? I only want what is best for you. – Water (Breaking Benjamin)

When you see her sweet smile baby. Don’t think of me. When she lays in your warm arms. Don’t think of me. – Don’t Think Of Me (Dido)

Tell me what I did. I can’t find where the moment went wrong at all. – Come Back To Bed (John Mayer)

For how much longer can I howl into this wind? For how much longer can I cry like this? – A Thousand Hours (The Cure)

Remember I was always true. Remember that I always tried. Remember I loved only you. Remember me and smile… -Treasure (The Cure)

What can I do to make you love me? What can I do to make you care? – What Can I Do (The Corrs)

I should have told you how I felt then. Instead I kept it to myself. – Was It Something I Didn’t Say? (98 Degrees)

‘Cause I decided right now. I’m ready for love. Heaven Help (Lenny Kravitz)

But all the walls have ears my darling, and all bad things get known. I Know About You (Dashboard Confessional)




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